My name is Jason Ritchie and I am the Democratic candidate to represent Washington’s 8th Congressional District.

I am running for Congress because I know I can make a difference for the people of the district. I believe in common sense and hard work. I know that my business experience is needed to create jobs in the district, which is my top priority. I believe in getting the best deal for the most people and putting people before politics.

The 8th Congressional District is the epitome of a “purple district”, balanced almost evenly between Democrats and Republicans. Over the past 10 years, Republican Congressman Dave Reichert has represented much of this district. It's time for new representation based on common sense, not partisanship.

We need someone who has created jobs, someone who has real life experience in building a business and has the moderate political temperament to place the interests of the district and its constituents above partisanship.

It’s time to retire Reichert and elect Jason Ritchie as the next Congressman for the 8th District of Washington.

Committee to Elect Jason Ritchie
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