Tips from Veteran Security Professionals

If you want to remain more comfortable and confident on the job as a security officer, you’ll need to first learn to deal with some common issues that security professionals often face. We collected some statements from veteran security professionals to glean some of their industry knowledge and expertise.

Here are the top tips from veteran security guards that can make the job a little easier:

Always Be Alert: Staying awake during graveyard shifts can be very difficult especially if you are adjusting to a new schedule or rotating between day and night shifts. As soon as you start to experience the slump it could be very tempting to reach for a cup of coffee. A common favorite is Driven Coffee which can be ordered online and shipped right to your home or security office. However, it is often too easy to over-caffeinate, leading to late shift burn-out which can impact your job performance. While it is important to remain hydrated while on the job you also should also be aware of how much coffee you consume, and how this may impact restroom breaks. Often, security guards cannot take frequent breaks within their shift, so be aware of this tip from a veteran security professional.

Getting through a Frozen Lock: This topic is often overlooked in basic training. Many security professionals in colder climates such as Minnesota or the Dakotas find themselves needing to regularly open up padlocks or deal with frozen locks in order to control certain areas of the protected property. It is important to always be prepared with the right equipment. With a few pieces of newspaper and a lighter you can unfreeze a lock by stuffing the newspaper inside the lock and lighting it. Snow and ice melts away extremely quickly using this tactic. If your coffee cup is made of paper, you can also tear off a piece to fit into the lock as well.

Remain Suspicious: Paranoia can sometimes save you in this job. If you can put your body in a state where you are extremely aware during a patrol it can often help you to recognize threats you normally would not observe. Make sure that any of the noises or incidents that you detect while you are on duty are properly investigated. If you see something suspicious or you have any doubts about a situation, call for backup, contact your supervisor, and escalate to the police if necessary.

From choosing the right coffee to unfreezing Minnesota locks in winter, consider these top tips from veteran security professionals to make your job a little bit easier.

Security Guard Management Software – What to Look For


A security guard software program aims to help businesses monitor their safeguard tours without getting distracted from their preliminary purpose: make certain high protection level of their personnel (officers and various other protection officials) and guaranteed security of structures and assets. To obtain it, the expenditure in a well-established safeguard tour program is normally under no debate.

Many security guard license programs include some aspect of security software user management training. However, these sophisticated systems are constantly changing as the technology improves, and security training is often not enough to stay current with the advancing tech. Nevertheless, when it comes to selecting a security guard management software application, there are particular variables to obtain under evaluation in purchase to generate significant advantage as much as your daily work methods.

1. Real-time

What better than a real-time security guard management? A really innovative guard tour software should execute methods in real-time so as to reduce the controlling staff from time consumable processes such as repeating telephone calls, filling paper or on-line forms, controlling patrols via communications or appointments to the specific areas. Investing in a real-time security guard management software, a organization or corporation is definitely capable to monitor guard’s placement and safeguard tours in true period, getting up to date about any taking place occurrence and therefore raise the protection level of both their personnel and the providers supplied to their customers.

2. Cloud system

Cloud is the potential. It presents the exclusive capability to practically transfer your workplace in any area world-wide and not really obtain disrupted on your work credited to vicinity restrictions. Acquiring into accounts that safeguard tour administration may includes many areas and territories pass on out in a huge quantity of places or actually countries, a cloud safeguard protection safeguard administration software program should become a must for a business offering security guard services. Cloud guard tour systems offer flexibility and effectiveness, globalizing data and information and minimizing infrastructure and delivery costs.

Security-Guard-Management-Software-23. User friendly

A security patrol software aiming to help users minimize cost and waste of time could not consist of special and expensive equipment. That is the reason that smartphones are used broadly on every element of today global marketplace by means of cellular applications which are basic plenty of to make use of and perform not really need any challenging set up or construction. Smartphones are also the greatest choice in purchase to execute a safeguard tour as any of us holds it in his pocket and it will not really add extra tools to the protections who are in charge of carrying out protection safeguard tours. For all the above, a intelligent security guard management software should offer a mobile application from which the guards could complete all basic operations a guard tour software should afford.

4. Advanced Reporting

A vital procedure of any security company is to keep documentation and data reports regarding guards schedules, accomplished or not guard tours, time intervals of patrols, occurring incidents and any arising problems or emerging alerts. It is hard to think that all of this stuff should be carried by hand in the previous. Nevertheless, today technology enables the creation, editing and enhancing and execution of the above activities via basic instructions in a well-structured internet user interface. A protection safeguard administration software program let us the controlling personnel to organize safeguard tours and patrols effectively, by looking, indexing, conserving and exporting data adding advanced search filters to facilitate its work.

5. User Management

Last but not least, a guard tour software oriented to fully automate guard tour management should inform not only company but also the final clients about specific events with regard to their own assets and set administration roles and multi branching user management in order to acquire different levels of gain access to to the program (age.g. boss business, sub-companies, customers, safeguards etc). It means, that except the general boss of the accounts who can gain access to any factor of the particular areas, businesses and safeguard tours, not really all users will talk about the same benefits, allowing the handling personnel to assign jobs and provide different permissions to each consumer of the protection guard management software.

Do You Need a Panic Room


If you’re serious about the safety of yourself and your family, then you’ve likely considered installing a panic room within your home. While this may seem like an unnecessary – and costly – addition to your home, many security professionals suggest families or those in high-target areas install a panic room. Should you encounter the unfortunate event of a home invasion or a localized terrorism attack, this room can mean the difference between safety and harm.

What is a Panic Room?

Panic-Room-2Before deciding if you need a panic room, it’s important to understand the reality of this security option. While movies and TV shows have dramatized these secure locations, a realistic panic room doesn’t require state-of-the-art technology or mega-expensive construction. In reality, a panic room is a place in your home that’s been fortified to thwart an invader long enough until help arises. Of course, a panic room can be as luxurious and fortified as you desire. In the most elaborate of panic rooms, residents have built a CCTV network complete with an intercom system. The room can also feature its own power generator and phone connection in case the intruder attempts to disrupt the flow of power to the residents home.

However, as mentioned earlier, unlike what Hollywood would want you to believe, the majority of panic rooms are quite simple in design. Homeowners can establish a panic room with surprisingly little work.

Panic Room Construction

In the most basic of senses, a panic room is just an interior room (or even a large closet) that features four solid walls. Once the room is located, simply replace the door with a large steel or reinforced doors capable of preventing the entrance from being forced open. The most important element when it comes to constructing a panic room is the type of locking mechanisms used.

While some homeowners decide to go with a technologically-advanced digital lock capable of being operated from your Smartphone, a Grade-1 deadbolt lock is generally adequate to keep an intruder out. Discuss your lock options with your security professional.

Now that you have a panic room, it’s important to stock the room with essential items, such as food and water for a couple of days. You should also keep a cell phone in the room at all times in case you don’t have time to grab your phone. You may want to consider installing a landline phone within the room as well. You should also supply self-defense items, such as pepper-spray.

For more information on panic rooms, see

How to Maximize Tracking Your Security Guards


As with any employee, tracking security guards is among the most important managerial steps to ensure these professionals are working in an efficient manner. Although there are literally hundreds of options available to property owners when it comes to tracking security guards, many of these border along micromanaging, which is among the easiest ways to demotivate these workers.

It is important to note that no system can replace the benefits of a quality security guard training program. Proper security training will minimize the need for micro-management, build trust, and yield a workforce of security guards that are much more skilled. After a successful training of your security staff, if you’re still searching for a way to track your security guards without overstepping your boundaries, then you should follow these three basic concepts.

Method #1 –  Establish a Security Guard Monitoring System

Unlike popular belief, a security guard monitoring system does not mean you wish to spy or micromanage these professionals. Instead, security guard tracking software ensures each guard appropriately executes his or her duties in a timely and efficient manner.

The greatest asset of a monitoring system is its ability to solve time management problems and isolate weaknesses within your current guard touring system. When a security guard monitoring system is effectively established, it provides real-time stats regarding the patrolling of all guards while simultaneously enhancing the guards ability to protect and guard your entire property. In the unlikely event of a threat or harmful situation, tracking software can immediately notify other guards and the police while providing the exact location of the guard and the crime. This can save valuable time. Remember, the faster your guards are able to react to a threat, the more likely the threat will be neutralized.

Method #2 – Create a Strict Security Guard Touring Schedule

Time management is an increasingly vital aspect of all modern businesses. Keeping strict schedules on any patrols performed by your security guards while simultaneously placing time caps on the amount of time a security guard can stay in a single location helps maximize security coverage throughout your entire property. Utilizing a security guard management software program can provide a thorough archive of information about guard coverage and areas within your property that are inadequately patrolled.

Method #3 – Ensure Security Guards Receive Proper Equipment

Tracking-Your-Security-Guards-2Security guard equipment is the most crucial puzzle piece to ensure an efficient security guard patrol. Therefore, by ensuring your security guards are outfitted with the tools and equipment to effectively do their job significantly reduces downtime while simultaneously enhancing productivity and efficiency. Although the exact tools you provide your security guard is based upon the type of property they’re patrolling, as well as their experience level, no security guard should be sent out to patrol in only a uniform. Discuss essential pieces of equipment with your security guard service provider. In most cases, the provider will outfit security guards with the necessary tools to carry out a successful tour.

Parking Lot Security to Keep You and Your Family Safe


For millions of people throughout the United States, interacting with a parking lot is a part of daily life. These parking lots are found in a variety of sizes and shapes. While these designated parking areas generally provide convenience to shopping and offices, they’re also a prime target for robbers. People are generally unaware of their surroundings as they make their way to and from their car. With their minds preoccupied, they oftentimes are unaware a criminal is approaching them until it’s too late. Because of this, your standard parking lot comes with an increased risk factor of theft and violent crime.

Overall, the crime rate of a parking lot can be increased or decreased based upon its design and built-in crime prevention tactics. For example, a well-lit parking lot with very few hiding spaces will likely see a lower percentage of crime when compared to a poorly-lit parking lot filled with visual obstacles, such as pillars and walls.

Parking-Lot-Security-2Along with the design of a parking lot, the time of day you visit also plays a role in criminal activity. Oddly enough, peak busy times and slow periods are the most active in terms of theft and assault. As once can imagine, you’re more likely to encounter a robbery during the middle of the night. However, there are many instances when a criminal attacks in broad daylight when the parking lot is busy. Although there is very little you can do in regards to the time of day you must be at a parking lot, there are several tips you can follow that will dramatically decrease your likelihood of encountering such an unfortunate event.

As mentioned earlier, the most common criminal activity within a parking lot is theft and assault. In many instances, the crime doesn’t involve a physical person. Rather, criminals break into cars to steal any valuables they can. Because of this, it’s important to where to park your car for not only your personal safety, but to help reduce the likelihood of having your car broken into.

The following tips are designed to help keep you and your belongings safe while out-and-about:

Only park in areas that are well-lit and highly-visible to all those around you. Avoid parking in corners of parking lots and parking garages.

Make sure you can see at least 100-feet around you at night. If your vision is obstructed or poor due to bad lighting, relocate your vehicle.

Chose to park in areas that see more foot and car traffic. Avoid isolated areas, especially at night and in parking garages.

Remove valuable items from the interior of your car. If you can’t take them inside with you, place them in the trunk. Even loose change can cause your car to be broken into.

Lock all your doors and ensure your windows are completely rolled up.

If available, always use valet parking. This is especially important when going out for the night in a downtown setting or in an area you’re unfamiliar with. When you valet park, you eliminate the risk associated with parking lots.

There are also numerous resources offering free security guard training information. Study these resources as you may gain valuable skills that are used to train professional security staff. These tips may one day save you and your family from a violent situation.